Tianchen Yuanzhu

Tianchen Yuanzhu, as the top product in the Yuanzhu Series of Longhu, represents Longhu's re-understanding, refining and sublimation of "the Philosophy of Oriental Settlements", as well as an in-depth interpretation and reformation of the site. The design intends to create a unique living experience and cultural intension, and reflects the self-confidence in the aesthetics of traditional culture.
Inspired by the artistic conception and craftsmanship of the painting ‘Distant Mountain and Bright Clouds’, the landscape design emphasizes "expressing the spirit by borrowing things", believing in "inert and innocence". It applies this conception to different spatial sequences and experiences. When crafting the landscape, the design also draws on the representing skills in "Mi Fu Landscape", which is naïve and do not pretend to be fun.
The design creates four scenes in the site boundary, corresponding to spatial experience of "arrival, entry, crossing, seating", and also organically intersperse and connect with each other. It not only shape the space-time order of an Oriental garden, but also create an opportunity for meditation and enlightenment for the people walking within.
Client: Longhu Properties, Chengdu
Size: 4500 ㎡
Location: Wuhou New Town, Chengdu
Landscape Design: eLandscript Studio
Scope: Concept, Masterplan, Design Development, Construction drawings
Construction: Jintianxia Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.