Vanke Jun-Yi

Vanke Mere Mansion is located in the newly developed area of Tianfu, Chengdu, as a boutique residence positioned by Vanke TOP system. In addition to the traditional residence landscape design, the eLandscript team tailored an art installation - "Dance of Time" for the project, in order to convey the beauty of living life.
The art installation, which is designed to reach nearly 10 meters high, connects the first-floor foyer with the first sunken waterscape atrium, connecting vertical space into a whole visually and functionally. The inspiration for the design comes from time and dance. The lines of time are born in water, winding upward, unfolding like dancing silk, and eventually solidified in the approachable space, expressing the pursuit of the ultimate power of aesthetics.
Whether seen from the entrance of the foyer space, or in the surrounding outdoor corridor, "Dance of Time" is the visual focal point. It is the transforming scenery of virtuality and reality watched through the screen, grille, grandstand and window frame. Using space guidance and vision management, the art installation has become a multi-dimensional landmark during the homecoming journey. People will continue to appreciate it from different angles of the installation, which adds dramatic effects to the entrance.
Developer:VANKE Properties, Chengdu Company
Location:Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan
Landscape Design:eLandscript Studio
Art Installation Design:eLandscript Studio
Design Scope:from Concept Design to Tender Drawings
Built: 2018.11