Four Square Park

Located in the four plots at the intersection of Baoan Avenue and No.1 Pioneer Road, Four Square Park is an important anchor leading to the Central District of Baoan and Qianhai, with a total area of about 4.3 hectares. Its design, with the concept of "Eye of Baoan", combines four green spaces divided by roads as a whole to reshape the modernized open space with the themes of culture, innovation, life and art, while stimulating the vitality of the city.
Construction Organization:Shenzhen Transportation Commission Baoan Transportation Bureau, City Management Bureau
Construction Agency: China Resource Land Co. Ltd.
Location:Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
Landscape Design:eLandscript Studio
Scope:Concept Design, Masterplan, Design Development
Design Development of Tunnel and Bridge & Construction Drawings: Architectural Design and Research Institute if Guangdong Province
Construction Drawings: Wonderview Landscape
Road Design: Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center
Drainage System Design: Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Concept Design of the ‘Door of Four Seasons’: UAP + eLandscript Studio
Development and Processing of the ‘Door of Four Seasons’: UAP
Construction of Hardscape: Jianyi Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen
Construction of Softscape: GuoyiPark Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
Date Complete: March 2019