The Moon Mansion

The eLandscript team responded to the "moon" landscape of the Hejingtaifu Group, using the forms and lines of the moon to sketch the modern landscape culture of Liuzhou, with the aim of leading new trends of residential landscape full of humanities and poetry in this city. The design divides the space into four sequences, "arrival-immersion-shock-enjoyment", and forms the four journeys of the garden.
Project name "the Moon Mansion" provides inspiration for the project: using of circulation to eliminate the 1.2m height difference between the road and site, and placing the exquisite garden as a whole on the enlarged platform, and then in which shaping the scenes in the sequence of classic Chinese writing. From the super-scale entrance along the tortuous corridor walking up the steps, users will travel through the mirror-like pool reflecting shadows of bamboo, between the waterfall and river interweaved by flowers and woods, and finally to the sought-after exquisite courtyard. The overall design intends to create a "strolling through the hills and clouds, experiencing the flowing water, and smelling the fragrance of the book."
Client: Hejingtaifu
Size: 6000 ㎡
Location: Liudong New District, Liuzhou
Landscape Design: eLandscript Limited
Scope: Concept, Master Plan, Design Development, Construction Drawing
Date Complete: August 2018