Blossom Mansion

Nanning, 2017

Blossom Mansion

The project is presented in a new kind of modern oriental style. Oriental culture is not only a design style, but also a type of philosophy of life. It is also a modest feeling and a quiet atmosphere. This philosophy of life has become the design trend of Chinese mansions. In the same way, the Blossom Mansion, as the first mansion project of SUNAC in Nanning, also deeply understands that beyond techniques it is the power of space provided by culture that will be carved into a work that can stand the time.
The landscape design carries out a new interpretation of the forests, flowers, waterfall and lake in the garden of the classic Chinese Garden, demonstrating the pursuit of the elegant, subtle and dignified oriental spirit. It is more succinct in terms of spatial forms, and at the same time it incorporates the traditional culture of hierarchy, with a more natural way of color matching.

Project information

Client: SUNAC China
Size: 12,000 ㎡
Location: Wuxiang New District, Nanning, China

Project teams

Landscape Design: eLandscript Studio
Scope: Concept, Masterplan, Design Development, Construction Drawing
Architecture: Dachuan
Photography: SUNAC China
Date Completed: May 2017