1891 Yangtze River

For the definition of "mansion landscape", real estate developers often choose the same way to show dignity, such as to highlight symbols, to pile up elements, and to show off flashy appearance. If we return to the nature of the living environment, we re-examine whether there are other ways present mansions, to show a kind of respect for the inner experience of residents, rather than simply branding their social status. 1891 Yangtze River is such a project. As the benchmark of Chongqing Flat mansion, it occupies the city's core riverside lot and creates a hidden Shangri-la in the city.
ELandscript was entrusted with the design of this project because of its commitment to the continuous exploration of the quality and experience of built landscape. The site unfolds in a narrow and linear way, and the Homecoming corridor divides the site into dual experience. On the other side of the site, the landscape design hopes to convey the luxurious spiritual experience of the mansion, a kind of introverted and elegant Shangri-la conception, a kind of scene of life in which the literati sit adjacent to each other, talking and making poems. Homecoming is not only a bustling living experience, but also a serene spiritual journey.
The design is driven by the concept of allowing residents to enjoy "carving luxury". With contemporary design telling the story of traditional crafting, we drew inspiration from the Oriental Zen and exotic elegance, selecting materials in the construction process with the spirit of the craftsman, and reshaping it into ambience of the hidden Shangri-La. Through the polishment of concept, these specific shapes and materials, with the eyes of looking back, do not need to curry favor with the flashy aesthetic of traditional mansions, or deliberately fabricate a formal label. Instead they craeted a flowing and real scenes and spiritual enjoyment in the life of modern wealthy class.
Client:Dongyuan Properties
Location:Nanbin Road, Chongqing, China
Landscape Design:eLandscript Studio
Design Scope:Concept Design and Detail Drawings
Photo:Daoyuan Landscape Photography
Year Complete: 2017