FUN Planet

The FUN Planet is different from traditional interior design and is the most challenging design since the establishment of eLandscript Studio. The team applies unconventional spatial strategies combining the experience with the client's brand, and constantly explore the boundaries of the field of design.
ELandscript Studio integrates the IP image into the saling space, and integrates the traditional place of reading picture book into the image of the ship, supplemented by the VR Hall, blurring the boundaries of spaces for reading, education, painting and playing, thus creating a fresh and exciting experience of the themed space.
Client: Yimei Group
Size: 3000 ㎡
Location: City of Flower, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Landscape Design: eLandscript Studio
Scope: product planning, interior design (concept and development of design)
Facility Supplier: Kaiqi Group
Date Completed: October 2017