Guangxi EXPO

Hechi , with beautiful mountains and forests, gave birth to a diversity of species and habitats, and also a versatile minorities that are good at dancing and singing. The design of the EXPO Garden blends the characteristics of the local mountains, forests, bays, islets, lakes and fields, and reproduces the relationship between the landscape and town in the painting of Wang Ximeng.
The design of the eLandscript team makes various activities be carried out along the mountains, forests, bays, islets, lakes, fields in sequence, and combines sightseeing and industries, tourism and education organically with topography and hydrology, in order to create circulated routes around garden and lakes.
At the same time, the prospective design of regards the Garden as a driving infrastructure for the development of Yizhou New Town, with the road network and architecture of the Garden will be the driving core of future development.
Client: Pacific Group Co., Ltd.
Size: 3000 Hectares
Location: Hechi, Guangxi, China
Landscape Design: eLandscript Studio
Scope: Masterplanning, Concept Design
Date Complete: October 2017