Sino-Arab Urban Axis

Yinchuan Sino-Arab Urban Axis Cultural Landscape design emphasizes the continuation of the equal trading spirit of the Silk Road to establish a reciprocal community of interests, and excavate the cultural characteristics of the two ancient civilizations to create an inclusive and open community of responsibility, at the same time explores the Arab social and life connotations to create a community of Destiny with strong identification.
The vision proposes to integrate the China-Arab multiculturalism, to make the business card of Yinchuan, the reconstruct livable communities rooting in the local ecology, to build strategies of urban management, to provide the prospect of sustainable vitality of the axis, to foster an urban axis that provides sustainable source power of culture, ecology and economy for Yinchuan and Sino-Arab communication.
The design language of the central Axis inherits the geometric symmetric form of the traditional Arab culture, and combines the Arabic and Ningxia Philosophy of light and shadow, the essence of traditional design, handwritten characters and so on, presenting a series of cultural characteristics.
From east to west, the axis is divided into three major sections - gold Silk Road, Yinchenghui, and Phoenix Road.
Golden Silk Road includes three parts of Culture Square, International Plaza and Union Square, which consist of a series of feature landscapes such as space-time tunnel, time-space lamppost, water curtain Square, Sino-Arab Grand Bazaar, Xinghe Square, Xingyun Trail, Xingyun Green Valley, Sound of Sino-Arab musical trellis, decorative garden, Alhambra light and shadow water corridor, etc. The design plans that the time and space tunnel is connected with the first phase, completing the transition and diversification from phase one to phase two, creating a space-time trail combining with the characteristic space-time lamppost. The water curtain square and walking bridge use the Grand Bazaar as the main body, providing spaces for celebrations and business suitable for all seasons, as well as multi-dimensional pedestrian connection.
The eastern section, located on the southern side of the future Arab international community, is connected by the sunken Light Square to the international square on the west. On the east side it is connected to Yincheng Hui through the Yincheng Market.

Silver City Hui is composed of Silver City set, water stage, flow gold waterway, intelligent Industry demonstration section and so on. Designed to be dominated by natural textures, the new activities are perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature, while participating in human activities while reducing the disruption to nature and ecology. Designed to incorporate sustainable design, the concept of sponge city is integrated into the landscape elements.
The special presentation of intelligent industry demonstration includes intelligent demonstrative Unit, intelligent industrial Unit, emphasizing on integration into the activities of enterprise operation. It uses different units as a platform for Sino-Arab enterprise exchanges, also to provide civic education and sightseeing.
Phoenix Road includes Sports Park, educational park and viewing tower. In the end of t Sino-Arab Urban Axis, Lohas Valley, Canyon Sculpture Wall, Fengyu Garden, Thanksgiving Square, Knowledge Garden, Sino-Arab Friendship Square, Phoenix Lake and other feature landscapes will be built. On the easternmost end the Pearl Tower is designed as a landmark.
Client: Transportation and Construction Bureau of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan
Size: 8km in length, 200m in width
Location: Jinfeng District, Yinchuan, China
Landscape Design: eLandscript Studio
Scope: Masterplanning, Concept design
Date Complete: February 2016