Convention New City Street Landscape

ELandscript is responsible fpr the overall planning and landscape design for the world's largest Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center and the surrounding core area. The Convention new city will be established as part of a new pattern of building an airport city together with the sea idyllic town area, the Marine New District and Baoan Comprehensive Port District, making it a decisive catalyst to perfect the West coast of Baoan. It aims to construct an intelligent and diversified industry and ecological infrastructure City, with Convention Center and New City as a whole.
Combined with the interpretation of the upper level planning, the core area of 6.09 square kilometers of exhibition New town is managed in general, and the specific conception and design ideas of the overall landscape planning and detailed design are clarified. The design and implementation strategies are on schedule and on point, establishing a new picture of convention new city with Blue Ocean and Mangrove, Exhibition City and Green Boulevard.
The Blue Ocean Gateway Park Connecting the Convention and Exhibition New City and Ocean New Town
Convention Centre interchange area is the junction of S3 Expressway and Fengtang Avenue, and is the main arrival gateway for motorists in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future.
The team aimed to create an ecologically friendly green space around the Exhibition interchange, so that it becomes the link between the exhibition city and the ocean New Town, as well as the gateway of Convention and Exhibition Center facing the ocean.
• The Smart Convention City connecting Shenzhen International Airport and Convention and Exhibition Centre
By integrating the green spaces and vacant plots around Exhibition Boulevard and Haihui Road, we will create a series of urban public spaces, including the exhibition gates, connecting the landing areas and reception area of the International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the T4 terminal of Shenzhen International Airport, in order to create an impressive international Boulevard, and to establish vigorous and multi-cultural metropolitan.
• Construction of Mangrove Eco Street along the Cut-off River and Core Island of Exhibition Centre
The cut-off river and mangrove ecozone naturally encircled and formed the Core Island of exhibition centre, along which lies Haiyun Road, Seaside Boulevard. They will follow the design principles of ecological sustainability and flood control, with mangrove as the start point, and construct complete non-motorized system including tram, recreation zone, green path, and jogging track and other slow traffic network, to establish an example highlighting ecology and livability.
• The Shared Green Boulevard interlinking the new town and the old town
The four west-east boulevard, Shajing Nanhuan Road, Shafu Road, Fengtang Avenue, Chongqing Road West Extension, interlinks Fuyong Old Town, Exhibition New City, and Ocean New Town. Via logical planning and design, they will become a shared Green Boulevards that connect the new town with the old town, present with future, culture with heritage, and the Convention and Exhibition Industry with the marine industry.
Client:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre Headquarter, Baoan District Airport Office
Construction: Zhaohua Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.; China MCC20 Group Corp. Ltd.; CISDI Group Co., Ltd.
Size:6.09 km²
Location:Convention and Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen, China
Landscape Design:eLandscript Studio
Detailed Landscape Design and Construction Drawings: CISDI Group Co., Ltd.; CSADI Co., Ltd.; TYLI Co., Ltd
Bridge Design: UN Studio
Construction: China MCC20 Group Corp. Ltd.; Huayu Gunagxi Co., Ltd.
Special Thanks: China Academy of Urban Planning & Design Shenzhen; Huayi Hong Kong Co., Ltd.; SRIBS Co., Ltd.